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Plotting an emergency heading into Switzerland [entries|friends|calendar]
Death or glory, just another story

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[28 Jan 2009|10:33pm]
[ mood | tired ]

So Cyprus didn't quite work out as planned, and I ended up doing 4 days there and 4 days in Amsterdam, and Amsterdam is my favouritest place ever. Don't look at me like that, not because of the pot (although we did have some very tasty brownies...)!
But now I am on my own, and in Paris, because Amsterdam made me want to see Europe NOW and not wait to see Scotland and Ireland, but I am full of angst and homesickness (again), partly because I have spent the last 3 weeks having a ball with my two closest friends over here, one of whom has now gone home, the other off to a job, and partly because I spoke to my Wife who is back in Brissie when I was in the airport on my way here, and am missing her and the Bestie like crazy. Which is really annoying, cos like, I am in Paris! And I should be linving it up and all that jazz, and really all I want to do is hang out with my girls. Normally I am anti-social bordering on rude, so I don't know why I am all of a sudden craving company. Not speaking the language doesn't help, either - I keep mentally lapsing into German because it's the only foreign language I speak...
But I am having fun, despite the loneliness. I'm off to Brussels next, and then back to Amsterdam where I will hopefully see Ladyhawke (I say hopefully because all the ticket websites are in Dutch, and I don't speak it... But it's on a Tuesday at like, 11pm, so I think I'll be safe not buying a ticket more than a day in advance), and then Germany, Austria, Italy, the south of France, and Barcelona.
Tomorrow there's a strike over here, so the Metro won't be running and I'll be limited to places I can get to by foot, which makes the out-of-the-way-ness of this hostel a little inconvenient (it's near Montmartre), but I should be able to see the Moulin Rouge at least.

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[07 Jan 2009|04:22pm]
[ mood | mixed ]

Ugh, so the last month or so the job has been beyond shite, so I am now back staying with my uncle in preparation for lots and lots of travelling. Am going to Cyprus for 10 days with the two Aussie girls from my London pub, and then I am going to do Scotland, Ireland, and Europe. V excited, as I have been over her for almost 6 months and not seen anything outside England except a tiny bit of Wales.
Am so incredibly sick of job dramas that I don't even want to vent about them anymore, but am a little upset to have left my friends there (also a particular boy, who was not remotely True Love material, but was sweet and funny and hot, and who I was drunkenly slutty with two days before I left which the entire village knew about within hours of it happening... good times).
Have been incredibly homesick this last few weeks, and would kill to be in Brisbane tomorrow and next Thursday because there are two really awesome-sounding festivals on. Oh and I miss the beach, and mangoes, proper Bowen mangoes. I've been listening to the Go-Betweens and the Saints and the Grates on repeat, but it's not quite the same as being there. Still haven't heard the Grates new album as I can't find it over here, woe is me.
Hmm, I wonder where I'll be for Australia day - Argh! I won't be able to listen to the hottest 100 countdown! It will be the middle of the night, what will I do! Oh dear.
Oh, and I still haven't seen the Christmas special as I was working, but I am possibly one of the few who doesn't mind the new Doctor - I liked Eccleston, and loved Ten, but really, it's the Doctor-companion relationship that makes or breaks it for me, so really that is who I'm most curious about.
Am thinking of caving and getting facebook, but not sure if I can be bothered. Thoughts, anyone?

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[12 Nov 2008|12:02am]
Still in Cardiff - bought a pair of cream hi-top Chucks and a Dalek watch. Am biggest nerd ever. Love it.
PS, still pining...
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[10 Nov 2008|10:37pm]
[ mood | piny ]

Well. Liverpool was awesome- met two American girls there, one of whom is lovely and I have been travelling with on and off since. I am still travelling. And the lack of internets is really starting to get to me - I didn't even know David Tennant was quitting as the Doctor until days and days later! Oh Woe! Anyhow, it turned out that the two cheaper hostels in York had in fact closed, which they failed to mention when I had first called up to book, so I went to Whitby, which was fairly awesome, although it was freezing cold and full of Goths for Halloween (took me a while to figure out that it was because of Dracula being written there, but anyhow). And I saw snow for the first time ever! Then went back to York, to the YHA and met up with Nettie (the American girl) and then down to Nottingham, where I met a couple of Aussies, and went out to see Newstead Abbey gardens and wandered around pretending to be Lady Caroline Lamb and obsessing about Byron... I'm such a nerd. Then went back up to York so that I could go from there up to Newcastle with Nettie, although I headed over to Thirsk  first (Darrowby in the James Herriot books - my dad's a vet, they were a huge part of my childhood). Saw Hadrian's Wall, and were climbing up from the Scottish side when some guy asked us if we were invading.... Then caught a train down to Oxford again for a job interview at Leamington Spa, but while I was at the hostel
I met this awesome Kiwi guy who I am totally in love with, so this is cut for the pathetic angsting about not getting his number/email...Collapse )Anyhow, now I am in Cardiff with Cat (one of the Aussie girls from the pub in London), and who should turn up but the Aussies from the hostel in Nottingham, which is quite nice, because I discovered they are also Doctor Who nerds.. Oh, and the hostel here is decorated with a Who theme - I am in the Eccleston room, it's quite cool. I have a job that starts on Wednesday, but I am tempted to keep travelling and take the job that in fact starts in about 4 weeks instead, just because I really don't want to start working again. Also I want to go to Edinburgh (yes, I am pathetic, and this is partly because the Kiwi boy was headed there next, and I might just happen to run into him... But it is also because Cat has just come back from a week there, and Nettie was there a while ago, and they both loved it and told me how much I would love it, and really, I could do all of Scotland now, instead of just pining... Ugh, I suck).
Anyhow, that's my life, and I am still not reading my friends list much due to lack of time, but like, I am trying to read as much as I can even if I no longer comment!

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[24 Oct 2008|10:08am]
[ mood | chipper ]

Am in Manchester. This backpacking thing is exhausting. Got in yesterday and thought I might try to see some sort of band or something, but in the end I just sat in the TV room and watched Buzzcocks (it had Kate Jackson and Rhys from FotC on it! I love them. Well worth it.) Took me about two hours to find somewhere to stay for tomorrow night - was planning to go to York but forgot it was the weekend so hadn't bothered to book and everywhere is booked up. Am staying in the Haworth YHA - it's the Bronte sisters' hometown, near Leeds. I have recently discovered that despite my often-referred to loathing for Emily and Charlotte, I adore Anne. Just finished The Tenant of Wildfell Hall and loved it - a lot like Sir Walter Scott, but the main female character's feminism is much more pronounced, and treated as sensible rather than as some sort of novelty.
This week has been rather fabulous, really. I stayed with my Uncle and Aunt over the weekend, they live in a tiny little town in Herefordshire, with three adorable cats. They took me over to Wales on Sunday (highlight of the trip: seeing a gum tree next to the road! I wanted to get out and like, camp under it, or take it home with me, or something). We went to an old mine, which was actually really interesting despite the fact that I am severely claustrophobic and half the tunnels were too low to stand up in... And then we went to Hay-on-Wye, the bookshop town, which was awesome. I think that will be my next home, after I'm done with York. It was beautiful. Monday I went over to Stratford-Upon-Avon, and saw David Tennant in Love's Labour's Lost. He is so incredible *fangirl swoon*. Soooo funny. I want to marry him. Tuesday I went to Oxford, guided tour courtesy of the fabulous sam_by_night, who showed round the colleges and who I totally got into trouble in a library we weren't supposed to be in and then made very late to meet his friends. Wednesday I went to Nottingham, and had dinner in the oldest pub in England, which was the most awesome pub ever and totally made up for the fact that the rest of Nottingham was a bit dingy and that Newstead Abbey was closed for the end of the tourist season. And then yesterday I arrived here, and it was rainy so I bought a beanie-beret type hat, which not only keeps my ears warm but also means I don't have to do my hair, which is always a plus when you're staying in hostels. The hostel I was in last night was fairly awesome, there were lots of Aussies, including some from Brissie, and an Irish girl in the bunk beneath me who just talked and talked and was incredibly entertaining, and made me bitterly resent not being Irish and able to talk like that rather than my usual word-vomit and umming and ahing. Today I am off to Liverpool, to Beatle my way around. And hopefully on Monday I will be in York! That reminds me, I should start looking for jobs. Oh woe!

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[14 Oct 2008|11:32am]
Leaving London. Backpacking and shit. Internet access more limited than ever. London job sucked anyway, but other Aussies (both also quitting job - suck on that, arsehole boss) & I are planning to go to Greece for Christmas. Awesomeness. Not enough time to update properly, but I went to Canterbury & geeked out with Chaucer. And Bath was awesome.
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[13 Sep 2008|12:31pm]
Still alive! The problem with limited internet access is that when I occaisionally do get online, I'm too busy trying to catch up with everything to actually post/comment. I'm slack, I know. London is still awesome. I saw X-ray Spex live the other night, which was fantastic. I was supposed to be working, but the pub was really quiet, so the manager said I could have the night off. It meant that all I could get was a seat, as all the standing tix had sold out (it was at the Roundhouse), but it was still totally worth it, it was a fantastic show, and one of the support bands was fronted by Poly's daughter, and they were pretty good too. Also Don Letts DJed! He kicked it off with Armagideon Time no less.

Am going to Bath for the Jane Austen festival in a couple of weeks with one of the other Aussies who works with me - totally looking forward to it, Northanger Abbey is this years' production, and it's my absolute favourite book (well, it ties with Catch-22 but that's not Jane Austen...).
It's freakin' cold here. Not for London, presumably, but the weather lately has been close to the equivalent of a Brisbane winter, so I'm kind of dreading when it actually starts to get cold. I bought a coat (Topshop <3. I am wearing it as I type), the first time I have ever needed one - I have a leather jacket that I bought a couple of years ago, and I had never been cold enough to actually wear it back home, but of course the first week of autumn over here and it wasn't warm enough... And of course we are having shower issues in my £20/week work-provided accommadation... I had a cold shower this morning, it always seems to be on the coldest days that something goes wrong, and naturally management can only report it to his management, who don't care and do nothing about it.
Ugh, I feel so out of the loop with no net access -  I never have time to check communities, so I have no idea of all the latest band tours, or the Dr Who rumours (at least it's not the middle of a season, I have no TV).
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[05 Aug 2008|06:58pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Omg. On Sunday we had two Doctor Who actors in our pub! The girl who played Tish and the guy who played Baines in Family of Blood (He was also Will Scarlet in Robin Hood). It was so cool.

That is all. London is awesome, although I had my wallet stolen in Camden Town (got it back though, minus cash and looking as though it had been run over). I am totally not keeping up with the flist, but I hope everything is ok for everyone.

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[15 Jul 2008|03:32am]
With only sporadic dodgy internet cafe computer access. So I will be more or less incommunicado for the next however long.
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[07 Jul 2008|09:56pm]
 Apparently I no longer post when there isn't an episode of Doctor Who to talk about. In my defence, I have several times started posts about stuff, but usually I have given up in disgust, because the real world is annoying as hell. 

So anyhow, I was packing my suitcase, but I wandered off to clean a pair of shoes, and when I came back,
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Donna Noble is sixteen million kinds of Awesome [06 Jul 2008|12:17pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

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[03 Jul 2008|06:40pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

 Ooh! I totally had a thought about Doctor Who.

This time next week I will be in London. Last shift at work was today. Huzzah!
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[30 Jun 2008|12:15am]
[ mood | OMFG ]


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[17 Jun 2008|06:52pm]
[ mood | pensive ]

I've been feeling rather anti-social recently, and although I've thought about posting a couple of times, I sort of couldn't be bothered. Not much has happened in my life, although lift-off is now only three weeks away (cue major excitement, terror, and last-minute attempts to organise things I should have taken care of weeks ago...). I feel like perhaps it's a little bit odd of me to prefer doing stuff on my own rather than with other people sometimes, but I get in these moods for weeks at a time when I really just want some peace and quiet alone with my thoughts. It's kind of bad timing, because my friends are all wanting to go out for goodbye drinks and stuff, and although I love them, I really don't want to go out, and I feel horribly guilty. One of my closest friends (the one I usually refer to on LJ as my wife) is a lot more upset than I thought she would be about me leaving, I saw her the other day and I was talking about my intention not to come back to Brisbane and she got all tear-y and yelled at me. I can't help feeling glad that I'm leaving, and I feel so guilty for being able to leave my friends behind, but I'm at a stage in my life where I don't know what I want to do, but I know I have to step out of my comfort zone and do something. Sometimes my need to be completely independent of everyone makes me a little heartless, but the fact that I'll miss my girls just isn't enough of a reason to come back. It's not like I'll never visit, and the intarwebs makes international contact so easy in this day and age. And odds are I will come back to Australia for a while at least, I'm just never going to settle down in Brisbane. 

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[01 Jun 2008|05:00pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Gotta love working in a bookstore - I got free tickets to a preview of Prince Caspian this morning (it's not out over here until Thursday) and I loved loved loved it. I never read the books when I was a kid, although there was a TV series when I was really small which I watched avidly and can't remember anything about, and we had a sort of graphic novel adaptation of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe which I read repeatedly, but after the movie today I went and bought a bind-up of the books, which I intend to start as soon as I've finished The Master and Margarita (I don't know if anyone else has read it, but whenever the master is metioned, I keep thinking of John Simm in puffy sleeves... ). For some reason the only Narnia book we ever had a copy of when I was growing up was The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, which we had several of, but I tried to read it once and didn't like it.

Anyhow, I'm definitely going to see it again (hopefully I'll have read the book by Thursday), particularly since I missed the the first five minutes because I had missed my bus watching 
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[23 May 2008|06:53pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

I for one am horribly excited about the Steven Moffat news. I watched The Girl in the Fireplace yesterday in celebration. I was sure that line about "thick thicketty thick from Thicktown, Thickania" (or however it went) was something Sally said about Patrick in Coupling. But either way. Yay!

This whole moving to another country thing has it's drawbacks, for starters, I can't find anywhere that does a gig guide like the Triple J one - you nominate whichever bands and it sends you weekly email notifications if they're playing. My firstborn child goes to anyone who can point me in the direction of a British one. Speaking of, what am I going to do without my J's? Life will not be the same. 
Anyhow, I am considering flights at the moment, which is quite daunting - I'm somewhat terrified of heights, the only times I've flown have been two trips to Sydney, but I am not a good flyer. Contemplating going with Air New Zealand for the simple fact that I would get a 5 hour stopover in Auckland, and I have never been to New Zealand (I know 5 hours doesn't count as "been" but it would be excellent all the same, and anyway Auckland is smaller than Brisbane, 5 hours would be plenty of time to see all the exciting things in Brissie). 
Oh dude! I just looked up Bret from Flight of the Conchords and he is Figwit! I never knew that! I was totally a Figwit fan. And the girl who plays Mel was on Buzzcocks, I knew I'd seen her somewhere. How amusing.

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[20 May 2008|09:07pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Ok, so definite (assuming visa etc all goes through without a hitch) arrival date in London is now July 9. Yay!

I've been reading Lolita and it's put me in a really awful mood because it's so squick, but I'm making myself finish it because I feel like I've given up on too many books recently. I hope the narrator comes to a gruesome end. 

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[11 May 2008|05:50pm]
[ mood | tired ]

 I have a TARDIS keyring. This makes me happy. 

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[09 May 2008|06:39pm]
[ mood | discontent ]

I am completely obsessed with this song. So much so that I even went out and bought the CD despite being more or less morally opposed to acoustic pop. 

I'm feeling rather directionless. I have stuff to say, but I can't get it sorted out in my head. I've been writing though, which is somewhat cathartic. 

Marieke Hardy makes me wish I were a morning person.

Oh, who knows.

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[03 May 2008|12:16am]
[ mood | cynical ]

Overhead in the bookstore: "I've just finished reading the Communist Manifesto. You know, it's the book that got Hitler into communism."

In other news, England is once again postponed due to my stunning organisational skills, all men are the same, and Dylan Moran is God.

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